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Claim your cancelled or delayed flight compensation hand in hand with our experts

Was your flight delayed or cancelled? Start getting your reimbursement today. Experts in assisting foreigners in Spain

How does our claim your flight compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight work?

  • If you’ve had a delayed or cancelled flight travelling from, to or through Spain, you can claim a compensation
  • No win no fee: only if we win the claim you will be charged 35% of the compensation
  • Personalised assistance: at Klev&Vera we are experts assisting expats having processed already more than 6 thousands Court claims only against airlines and recovering more than 3 million €
  • Inquire through the contact form on this page to start claiming your compensation!

    Can you claim delayed or cancelled flight?

    All airlines are obliged by law (EU Regulations EC 261, Montreal Convention and Brazilian regulations) to provide an economic compensation
    to customers if a flight is significantly delayed for more than 3 hours or cancelled and the passenger is rebooked in another flight.

    Also, the same compensations apply in case of overbooking, without prejudice of the additional expenses for accommodation and food that the airline should reimburse to the passenger.

    What will my compensation amount be according to the EU Regulation EC 261?

    According to the EC 261 if your flight was cancelled, delayed, or rebooked for overbooking, it will be calculated proportionally according to the distance travelled:

    250 €

    0-1500 km

    400 €

    1500-3500 km

    600 €

    +3500 km

    Since 2019, we have successfully processed more than 6.000 Court claims against airlines in Spain and recovered more than 3.000.000 euros for our clients. We proceed directly to file the Court case to avoid unnecessary waiting time to our customers.

    Some airlines are more willing to reach out of Court settlements than others and the total duration of the Court case also depends on if the airline can raise any defense for extraordinary bad weather conditions that impede the flight or unforeseen strikes.

    We provide our services through lawyers that will professionally handle your case from beginning to end as opposed to other companies than retain external lawyers unknown to you to render the service.

    Meet the Klev&Vera team

    We work on contingency fees – no win, no fee. We charge the 35% of the total amount obtained by the passenger, including applicable VAT. Our fees are cheaper than all the standard flight compensation companies’ charges and include the legal action. We can provide this price due to the existing structure of our Law Firm.

    In the case that you obtain your compensation, our fees will be deducted directly from the total Flight Compensation received. You do not have to worry about anything else, we will process the payment directly to the passenger’s bank account.

    How to proceed and next steps:

    1. Fill out the contact form
    2. Send us the necessary documents to clientservices@klevvera.com

    What we need to start working on your compensation claim:

    1. Reservation or boarding pass
    2. ID
    3. Email or SMS with notification of the cancelled or delayed flight
    4. Authorization and Klev&Vera Law Firm SLP services contract signed by the passenger
    5. In case of minors, family book or birth certificate, or any other documentation that proves the filiation


    How long does a flight have to be delayed for compensation?

    More than 3 hours counting since closing the airplane gates. You can check your total delay time on this website https://www.flightstats.com/v2/flight-tracker/search

    How long can a flight be delayed?

    It is considered a cancellation if your flight has been rebooked for the next day.
    More than 4 hours is considered a long delay according to the EC 261 https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/TXT/?uri=celex:32004R0261 .

    Can I claim compensation for delayed flight?

    Yes, provided that the total delay was longer than 3 hours counting from the expected departure time to the real time of closing the doors of the airplane.

    What if my flight is delayed by 2 hours?

    You won’t be entitled to claim any compensation according to in force regulations.

    What happens if they cancel my flight?

    According to USA, Montreal, and UE regulations, if the airline cancels the flight and the passenger decides not to accept the alternative flight, the passenger is entitled to receive the total refund of the price paid for the ticket.

    How can I get my money back from an airline?

    You need to file a formal petition to the airline and in the case that the company is unresponsive or denies you the refund, you can contact us and we will file a Court claim on your behalf against the company. Please note that in the case that you cancel the flight, you won’t be entitled to receive any compensation.

    What weather can cancel a flight?

    Wind with speeds higher than 18km, thunderstorm or lighting strikes, snow and ice, and fog with visibility less than 1-2 km.

    What happens if flight was cancelled due to strike?

    The airline must give you a full refund of the ticket or offer to you an alternative flight and an economic compensation calculated proportionally to the distance travelled, only in the case you have been notified within 14 days from the flight cancellation.

    The only way that the airline can allege extraordinary circumstances to not pay the compensation would be if the strike is held by third party contractors. Airline staff strikes are not considered as extraordinary circumstances that exempt the payment of the economic compensation.

    More questions? Please contact us here.

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