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Klev&Vera, your English speaking Criminal defense lawyers in Spain

When you live in or travel to a foreign country, chances are you may fall victim to a criminal offence or be accused of wrongdoing. Our expert criminal lawyers can provide the necessary legal advice to defend your rights granted by Spanish law, and we will stay by your side explaining what’s going on in your language. Let our English-speaking criminal lawyers listen to you and take action on your behalf.

Our dedicated team will walk you through the whole process, starting by getting a full understanding of your circumstances, and ending with advising on all possible options and executing the way you choose.

Our law firm is made up of English-speaking lawyers who have years of criminal defense experience all over Spain, defending international clients even in the most complex criminal cases.

A premium criminal defense service for international clients.

Criminal Defense in Spain

It is devastating to fall victim to a crime or to be arrested, but even more so when it happens in a foreign country. Our expert English-speaking criminal lawyers can support you and help you to return home safely and to restore your rights and justice.

Here at Klev&Vera, we provide a clear, professional and cost-effective service to all clients looking for help with their criminal offense cases in Spain.

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What you need to know about criminal defense in Spain

Being involved in a criminal case is always a huge distress. When it happens abroad and in a foreign language, even more so. Relying on your English-speaking criminal lawyer can reduce the stress and provide additional comfort.

  • I got into a fight in a club in Spain and got arrested, it was not my fault, how can I prove it?

    Contact a lawyer as soon as possible and talk to them first before making any legal statement. You need to remember that the police are here to defend justice. Do not get into arguments with them, they are on your side. The lawyer will advise you further.

  • My partner/child was arrested in Spain, how can I help them?

    First, you need to keep in touch with them and their public lawyer that is normally assigned as legal aid to assist in detention. If you don’t know who his first lawyer is, you can get in touch with the Bar Association of the corresponding city. Your partner/child has the right to make a phone call to their family, and their consulate, and to appoint a lawyer of their choice. They also have the right to have a translator.

  • I have just been robbed and beaten, where do I go?

    You need to contact the police immediately to report the crime if possible and go to the nearest hospital to treat your injuries. Remember to request and keep a medical report. You can contact the lawyer at any time to defend you as a crime victim. The hospital will report your injuries to the police, so they will have the records of it and will start the investigation. In any case, you can call the 112 public emergency line.

  • I have been raped in Spain, what do I do?

    Spain has specialised hospitals and police units to attend to victims of rape. As in cases of personal injury, you need to contact the police immediately to report the crime if possible, and go to the nearest hospital to treat your injuries. Remember to request and keep the medical report. You can contact your lawyer at any time to defend you as a rape victim. The hospital will report the crime to the police, so they will have the records of it and will start the investigation. In any case, you can call the 112 public emergency line and request specialised medical and psychological assistance and services.

  • I got a detention/extradition order from a foreign government, how can I fight against it?

    If you have a European detention order, or an extradition request from outside the EU, get a lawyer as soon as possible. You will be assigned a lawyer as legal aid, but you have the right to hire an expert extradition lawyer of your choice. Such requests go to a specialised court located in Madrid (Audiencia Nacional) if you oppose the extradition. The court will examine the applicable EU rules or a Bilateral Treaty with the country requesting extradition, and decide whether to grant the request. The procedure also allows you to be arrested if you are considered to be a flight risk.

  • I am an asylum-seeker, and received an extradition order from my government. How can I fight against it?

    Such cases involve both Asylum Law and Criminal Law, so you would need a lawyer who is an expert in both. Depending on the stage that your asylum process is in, there will be differences in the applicable law. You need to contact a specialized extradition lawyer as soon as possible, such procedures are very fast (40 to 60 days) so you need to defend yourself quickly. As an asylum seeker, you have the right for the extradition request to be thoroughly examined, and if there is any risk of your government violating International Human Rights Conventions, Spain may reject to extradite you.

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