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Spain has so many things to offer: perfect weather, great public transport, connection to all major cities in Europe and the world, wide-ranging cultural variety and exquisite food. As a digital nomad you can have the best of both worlds: keeping your regular work in your country and making the most of what Spain has to offer.

Our law firm is made up of English-speaking lawyers and paralegals who have been processing many digital nomad visa and residence permit applications, having started as soon as the procedure entered into force in January 2023.

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What is the Spanish digital nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is given to foreign nationals (non-EU/EEA) who want to stay in Spain while working for a foreign company abroad, or while running their own business located abroad. The work must be done exclusively remotely – i.e. through a computer, mobile and any type of online communications.

Who can apply for a digital nomad visa in Spain?

  • Employees on payroll of foreign companies located outside Spain
  • Freelancers that work for foreign businesses located outside Spain
  • Company directors of their own businesses abroad

What you need to know about the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

  • How can I apply for a digital nomad visa?

    You can apply for it by filing an application online if you are legally present in Spain (not overstayed your visa-free 90 days period, or the time allowed in your Schengen visa). If you are not yet in Spain, you can file an application through the Spanish Consulate according to your official place of residence.

  • How fast is it to get the digital nomad visa?

    The visas are issued within 10 working days, and the residence permits within 20 working days.

  • What are the Spanish digital nomad visa requirements?

    The main requirements to qualify for a digital nomad visa in Spain are:

    1. Being employed in a foreign company, or self-employed with a business abroad, and to prove that all your functions can be done exclusively remotely.
    2. Prove that you work with the foreign company or in your foreign business for at least three months before requesting a digital nomad visa.
    3. Social Security compliance:
      • If you are employed – you need to obtain a Social Security coverage certificate in your home country (only possible in the countries that had signed a bilateral agreement with Spain, and the latter covers remote work) or your company will need to register a work centre in Spain.
      • If you are self-employed – you will need to register as “autónomo” in Spain, after your digital nomad visa is approved.
    4. Have enough funds from your activity to live in Spain (at least 200% of the minimum wage in Spain (as of 2023, 2,160€ monthly). If you have family members, additionally, 75% of the minimum wage (as of 2023, 1,620€ monthly), and 25% (as of 2023, 540€ monthly) of the minimum wage per additional member)
    5. Have no criminal records.
    6. Prove that you have private health insurance with full coverage.
  • Do I need to show the minimum income?

    Yes, you need to prove that you earn at least 200% of the minimum wage in Spain (as of 2023, 2,160€ monthly). If you have family members, additionally, 75% of the minimum wage (as of 2023, 1,620€ monthly), and 25% (as of 2023, 540€ monthly) of the minimum wage per additional member.

  • What are the business requirements?

    The business or company you work with must be on the market for at least 1 year, and you collaborate with it for at least 3 months prior to the relocation to Spain.

  • What will be the costs for me in Spain?

    You will need to pay your taxes in Spain, we can study whether you qualify for a so-called “Beckham law” rule to pay your taxes at a reduced rate of 24%. In addition, we will check whether you need to pay social security contributions in Spain, or you can continue paying them in your home country.

  • Can my family join me?

    Yes, we can get residence permits for your family members too.

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Had experience working with the firm multiple times. They are very professional and I can rely on them. Thank you for your help!
Very diligent and thoughtful approach to each client.
Klev&Vera, your English speaking lawyers in Spain.

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