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Get your business up and running in Spain as fast as possible by delegating the legal red tape to a dedicated professional.

Let us assist you to create your company in Spain, we are registered with the Spanish government as a “fast-track agent” (Punto PAE) and can reduce the time and cost of incorporation.

Infographic: 3.430.663 Businesses created in Spain in 2022.

How is Klev&Vera going to assist you in setting up and running your business?

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Klev&Vera, your Business English speaking lawyers in Spain

Extensive experience in dealing with both national and international clients will help us understand your needs and expectations better in order to protect your interests. Our multilingual team of experts will walk you through the whole process, making sure your company is incorporated as fast as possible and all legal documents are properly filed under Spanish law, from the moment you tell us about your business idea in Spain until you have your company deeds ready and can start billing.

Our law boutique is made of English-speaking lawyers who have years of experience in premium assistance helping international clients setting up and running their businesses all over Spain.

A premium service for a stress-free process.

What our clients are saying

I feel very fortunate to have met with Anna and secured her help with some things that I wasn't able to take care of so easily. They've guided me through a RE transaction, helped me with a tax issue, and are also walking me through the process of securing my visa. All the while I've been out of the country. Truly full service. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work her and their entire team, and can't thank them enough for making me feel safe and secure doing business in a foreign country.
Thank you for your excellent work in order to provide information and guide me through the process of opening a business as a foreigner in Spain. The service provided was of highest quality and professionalism.

set up a business

set up a business

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run a business

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Setting Up a Business in Spain

At Klev&Vera our dedicated team of English-speaking lawyers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Spanish Corporate Law, setting up businesses with foreign participation and assisting you in successfully running them, so you can dedicate your time to your own clients and your billing.

According to the nature of the business you are planning to start, we will guide you through the whole legal process of forming a new company, including:

  1. First steps:
    • Determining the most suitable form of business in your case.
    • Advise and assist in getting NIE/NIF for the foreign directors and shareholders, both individuals and companies.
    • Negotiating and signing shareholders agreements.
    • Drafting bylaws and company incorporation deeds.
  2. Notary signature and Company incorporation:
    • All procedures associated with the notary signature.
    • Make sure the new company is registered in the corresponding Companies’ Registry.
    • Make sure all the company incorporation taxes are paid correctly.
    • Check that the company incorporation is published in the BORME – official newspaper.
  3. Company Activation:
    • Obtain the company’s tax number (CIF/NIF).
    • Registering your company as active in the Spanish Tax and Social Security Offices.
    • Assistance in activating a company bank account.
    • Checking all activity licenses are in order.

Run Your Business in Spain

Running a business in Spain can be tricky, and it is important to ensure you know all obligations that companies must comply with in the areas of tax, accounting, Social Security, licensing, etc.

We offer extensive services for business owners in Spain which includes the following:

  1. Negotiation and Contracts:
    • Review and modify contracts that your company needs to sign (the most typical examples would be: office lease, contracts with services providers, employment contracts, distribution contracts, etc.).
  2. Tax Filing and Accounting:
    • Advise on the tax and accounting obligations your company has in Spain.
    • Book-keeping Services.
    • Tax and Annual Account Filing Services.
  3. Compliance Services:
    • Advise on other obligations of your business in Spain (e.g. necessary licenses, e-commerce, data protection, employment etc.).
  4. Payroll and Employment Services:
    • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts.
    • Payroll services for your staff.
    • Getting work permits for your foreign employees.
    • Disputes with employees.

Close Your Business in Spain and Exit Strategies

If you chose to close your Spanish business and take your funds out of Spain you will need to go through a vast amount of paperwork. Getting assistance from an English-speaking lawyer will help you navigate through the formalities and reduce the costs.

We offer a comprehensive service on exit strategies and closing your business in Spain, which includes the following:

  • Negotiate best possible terms of terminating your business contracts.
  • Terminating your office lease.
  • Finalising contracts with your employees and freelancers.
  • Negotiating the closure with your shareholders and investors.
  • Assisting in the bankruptcy procedure.
  • Closing down and striking through your Spanish company.
  • Stopping your autónomo registration.
  • Fulfilling all remaining tax and accounting obligations.

What you need to know about setting up a business in Spain

Setting up a business in Spain consists of several steps. The new Start-Ups Law made the process significantly faster and reduced the costs. Your English-speaking lawyer can advise on the process and carry out all the paperwork on your behalf, so you can dedicate your time to your business.

  • What is the process to create a company in Spain?

    The company formation process generally takes the following steps:

    1. Get your NIE number. As a foreigner, first you need to have your NIE number. Each individual shareholder or director, as well as a foreign company representative must have a NIE. You can read more about getting a NIE in our post.
    2. Register your company name in the Central Companies Registry.
    3. Choose the company address.
    4. Deposit your company capital. The new Start-Ups Law reduced the minimum amount to 1€. The most common amount however, remains 3,000€, and anything higher than that.
    5. Draft your shareholders agreement and bylaws.
    6. Go to sign the company incorporation documents in front of a notary public.
    7. Register your company in the Companies House (Companies Registry) of the province according to your company address.
    8. Activate your company in the Tax and Social Security Offices.
  • What documents do I need to set up a branch or subsidiary of my foreign company in Spain?

    The main document to set up a branch of your foreign company in Spain is a Certificate of Good Standing of your foreign company from the Companies House (Companies Registry) where your company is incorporated. It cannot be older than 3 months and it needs to be apostilled or legalised, and translated into Spanish. With this document you can obtain a NIF for your foreign company in Spain, it will serve as your company’s passport. The foreign company director must have a NIE in Spain too.

    With your foreign company NIF and NIE number for all foreign individuals involved you can arrange a notary signature. The notary will ask for the civil status of each individual involved (if they are single or married) and if they are married, they may need permission from their spouse.

  • Do I need a Spanish bank account to deposit the company capital?

    Yes. You must have a Spanish bank account to deposit your company capital, as well as to pay your company taxes and Social Security quotes.

  • What are the costs involved in incorporating a company in Spain?

    The costs to incorporate a company in Spain include:

    • Lawyer fee to represent you in the business set-up process – it varies depending on the firm.
    • Notary fees – can vary between 60€ to 800€ depending on the complexity of your case.
    • Company Registry fees – can vary between 40€ to 500€ depending on the complexity of your case.
    • Stamp Duty – Impuesto de Actos Jurídicos Documentados (IAJD) – currently all company formations are exempt from it.
  • Is it necessary to have a local partner or director?

    No, you can own and run your company as a non-resident. When you have employees or carry out certain operations, you are required to appoint a tax representative in Spain who has a Spanish residence and work permit.

  • Can I create a company in Spain through a PoA?

    Yes. You don’t have to be present in Spain and can grant a PoA to your lawyer or another person to sign on your behalf. However, you need to come at least once to your Spanish bank in person to activate your company account and digitalise your signature.

  • Do I need to rent an office in Spain to have my company?

    There is no requirement to rent or have an office in Spain, however you need to indicate what your company registered address is. You can run your business from your home, but if you are on a rental contract you need to make sure that your contract permits that, or if you own your home, you need to make sure that the building community regulations allow running your type of business from your residential property. Alternatively, you can rent a place in one of the coworking spaces.

  • How do I register as a self-employed person (autónomo) in Spain?

    The self-employed registration process generally takes the following steps:

    1. Obtain your digital signature, it has to be from one of the providers authorised by the Spanish government (e.g. FNMT).
    2. File a tax registration form (either 037 or 036) in the Tax Office.
    3. File a form to register in the Social Security Office.

How to Start a Company in Spain

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