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Family Lawyers in Spain

For sensitive and often complicated issues such as divorce, child custody or inheritance, you need to rely on the best professionals. With many clients that travel around the world, we have broad experience assisting global families. If you are in Spain and need assistance in family matters, contact our expert Family lawyers.

How will Klev&Vera assist you in your family matters?

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Klev&Vera, your English speaking lawyers in Spain.

Unlike other legal firms who specialise in international family law in Spain, we have a wealth of experience working on a global scale. Dealing exclusively with international cases, we have a strong understanding of both International Law and Family Law of many countries, including the UK, USA, and Canada to name a few. Providing our service in plain English, we are a team of easy-to-reach professionals who are dedicated to working quickly and efficiently to help you through your case.

Our law firm is made up of English-speaking lawyers and paralegals who have years of experience in premium assistance helping foreign clients to get married, get divorced, agree on child custody, deal with wills and probate in Spain.

A premium service for a stress-free process.

Family matters we can help you with

Work Permits
Partners & Family Visas
Self-Employed & Entrepreneurs
Digital Nomads
Residence without Work (NLV)
Transfer of Executives
Spanish Citizenship
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Why rely on Klev&Vera with family related issues

Family matters are probably the most delicate and important situations in someone’s life, and whether it’s a joyful moment or a disrupting one, it’s always important to get experienced legal help and support to accompany you through the process, making sure you take the right decisions based on the country’s law.

We can help you by:
Displaying the different solutions for you case within the Spanish Law
Assisting and supporting you in making the best choice
Personally following up the case until it’s closed

What our clients are saying

Having used a number of suggested anglophonic firms over the years for family law issues including inheritance, custody, tax; I can only say that for efficiency, knowledge, pricing and results there is no better firm than Klev Vera in Barcelona.Their counseling, presentation and work ethic out far exceeds what one usually finds in Barcelona and is akin to good New York or London based firms.I could not be more pleased with their service.
I am a non-spanish speaking client and on first contact I was relieved by the team's fluency in english, swift reactions and know-how pertaining to my expat legal requirements. Everyone I spoke with was helpful and able to communicate perfectly in English. Highly recommended.

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