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What Are Lawyers Called in Spain?

October 20, 2021

In Spain, all lawyers have the same title, “Abogados.” Unlike in some countries, there are no distinctions between solicitors and barristers. The same attorney that drafts your contract can represent you in court if that contract is breached. What’s more, an attorney that is licensed to practice in one part of Spain is licensed to practice in all parts of Spain. But how do attorneys become licensed?

Most will first obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Law. They must also obtain a Master’s in Access to the Legal profession. Finally, lawyers will need to pass an aptitude test administered by the Ministry of Justice. Would-be lawyers to the bar must also carry out a supervised internship in the legal field. Once all of the education is finished and tests are passed, aspiring lawyers will apply to one of 83 local bar associations in Spain. Once admitted, a lawyer may render their services, whether transactional or litigatory in any Spanish tribunal.



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