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Golden Visa
Fast track for foreign investors to obtain residency permits in spain.

Golden Visa Programme

The so-called “Golden Visa” Programme exists in Spain since September 2013 when the Act 14/2013, of 27 September, of Support to Entrepreneurs and Their Internationalization (Section on International Mobility) came into force.

It is meant to promote international mobility of professionals and executives and to attract foreign investment, in particular, in the Spanish property market.

The Act established a flexible system of concession of visas and residency for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and highly-qualified workers.

The advantages of the programme are as follows:

  • Fast-track procedure (10 working days for visas and 20 working days for residence permits).
  • Possibility to apply in Spain without leaving the country.
  • Visas issued for 1 year, residence permits for 2 years, and renewals of the residence permits for 5 years.
  • Possibility to travel anywhere in the Schengen area.

Golden Visa Experts

At Klev&Vera our specialist team of experts have years of experience when it comes to helping you obtain your Golden Visa.

Our Dedicated team will walk you through the whole process, making sure your investment is securely handled and all legal documentation is properly filed under the Spanish law.


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Who Qualifies?

Spain Launched its Golden Visa programme in 2013.

An investment of €500,000 in real estate will gain your family a residency permit.

The spanish investor visa can be renewed every 2 years. After 5 years it is possible to gain permanent residency and after 10 years citizenship.  It is not necessary to live in spain to retain or renew your residency permit.

Investors who make a significant investment into Spain

  • Investments in Real Estate of €500,000 and above.
  • Financial assets (Bank deposits, Investment funds of €1 million, Public debt of €2 million).
  • Business projects of special interest to Spain.
  • After 5 years of residency you can apply for the permanent residency, and after 10 years receive the Spanish passport.
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Permanent Residency and Citizenship

You can request the residency permit just after signing the down payment contract of purchase and sale with payment of a deposit.

Properties can be purchased jointly provided that each of the joint owners invest €500,000.

You can rent or lease the properties and get profit on them.

Golden Visa residency does not require the actual residence in Spain, which means you can spend less than 183 days in Spain.

You only need to visit Spain once during the period of residence.

Your family can apply together with you in the same application.

You and your family will be directly authorised to work in Spain without any geographical or sector restriction.

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