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Golden Visa in Spain: Everything you need to know

Spain offers a wide range of options when it comes to obtaining a Spanish residence permit, the fastest and most premium of which is the Golden Visa, a program which… ...

Investment in Catalonia

November 1, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic struck a blow for much of the global economy. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was no exception. FDI as a whole declined 42% with developed economies seeing the… ...

Barcelona Real Estate Investment

September 8, 2021
Investment in the Barcelona commercial real estate market has weathered the storm of COVID pretty well, especially when compared to Spain’s other large market, Madrid. In the first half of… ...

Barcelona «The best major European city of the future 2018/19»

March 10, 2018
fDI Magazine, publication by the Financial Times, designated Barcelona as the best major European city of the future 2018/19 in terms of FDI Strategy (Foreign Direct Investment) and Catalonia as… ...

Catalonia Update: British Investment Continues Despite Political Uncertainty

November 30, 2017
During the last weeks we have been receiving many enquiries from our British business clients (and to the same extent, from other countries as well) expressing concerns over the political… ...