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Real Estate
Experts in Spanish Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Klev&Vera has been providing expert Real Estate services for a long time. We specialise in helping the client with their property purchase in Spain.


Why hire us?

Our experience in dealing with national and international clients allows us to understand the needs and expectations you deserve.

Our multilingual team of experts will guide you every step of the way, making sure your property purchase and investment is handled in a professional and responsible manner.


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We have an independent legal service to help the clients with their property purchase in Spain.

  • We work only for the client, we do not get commissions from banks, or realtors.
  • We supervise the entire purchase process to avoid incidentals and unexpected expenses.
  • We will review the arras contract and negotiate with the real estate agency on your behalf and f you have signed already we will re-negotiate the condition

At Klev&Vera we help identify possible incidents when buying a property.

  • Unregistered property.
  • Various realtors dealing with the same property.
  • Double sale of the same property.
  • Property built without licenses.
  • Late delivery or defects.

What are the costs involved when buying a property?

Buying property in Spain is not so straight forward that is why we always recommend you to hire a good real estate lawyer.

The costs should always be made clear at the beginning of the purchase, and this includes all taxes that should be paid on the property.

In a straightforward case the following will apply:

  • Property Price
  • Lawyers fee
  • Appraisal
  • Portion outside mortgage
  • Taxes
  • Notary Fees
  • Property registry Fees
  • Bank Fees


If the property is a new construction there are generally two taxes to pay:

  1. VAT tax (10 %).
  2. Stamp Duty (impuesto de actos jurídicos documentados) that varies depending on where the property is located.

If you buy an existing property you must pay only:

  1. The transfer tax (impuesto de transmisiones patrimoniales) which is estimated according to the regulations of each region and should be around 10%.

Notary and Property Registry Fees

The Notary fees it might vary depending on the Notary chosen.

The buyer has the right to choose the Notary at his/her own convenience.

The Registry Fees are estimated based on the total property value, but in any event cannot be more than the 1% of the property value.


Bank Fees

These fees include

  • The cost of issuing the checks.
  • Insurance payment for the first year. (The bank required that you get life insurance and house insurance) Note the appraisal is also required by the bank.

Satisfied clients

The level of understanding was important as I had no knowledge of the subject matter. She responded to my needs by providing a quick turnaround and explained each step to ensure I understood each stage of any hurdle we came up against. I liked the fact that the channel between us was always open and that I could contact her for clarification if needed. The level of service was as I would have expected from a lawyer of this calibre and I can truly say that I did receive value for money. Being bilingual was important when dealing with local government officals and the like to get the results I requested. I have already asked for further advice on another separate matter and would have no hesitation in recommending Anna to potential clients.

Doreen, UK

I would highly recommend the legal services of Klev&Vera. I engaged them to negotiate the terms of a domestic rental contract, a process which became markedly complicated, involving many emails and phone calls on their part. Klev&Vera steered through the procedure with great patience and professionalism, and achieved all the contract changes they recommended. I'd strongly advise anyone presented with a property rental or lease contract to take expert advice before signing. Spanish legal jargon is difficult to fathom, even if you're fluent in the language. Moreover, there can be subtle disadvantageous provisions which could be easily overlooked by a nonprofessional.

Jim, UK


Our Core Values



Get in touch with us indicating your contact details, and one of our lawyers will contact you directly within the next 24 hours, free of charge.



We will listen to you carefully and assess your situation together to determine your specific needs and objectives.



We will explain to you the available options in your case and together will chose the most suitable solution.

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