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How to obtain a Divorce Decrees in Spain

November 30, 2021

A Divorce Decrees is, in the eyes of the court, the document that formally ends your marriage.

The main reason why someone needs divorce papers is because they want to remarry. Many states and countries require a copy of the divorce papers in order to issue a new marriage license. This is to ensure that the divorce was legal and that the new marriage can be performed.

It serves three main functions:

  • First, it contains information about you, your spouse, and any children from the marriage in order to clearly identify the parties to the divorce.
  • Second, it requires factual statements that ensure your divorce complies with the state law. This includes information on how the parties were served, confirmation that both parties are of legal age, the nature of the divorce, and the duration of the separation.
  • Third, the divorce decree will dictate the division of property, disposal of debts, spousal support, and any obligations to children from the marriage.

You have to present your marriage certificate, obtained from the city you were married in. If this is in Spain, you can get the certificate from the Registro Civil but you can also request one at the website:

Written in collaboration with Natalie Efiamarho



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