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How do I Find a Solicitor in Spain?

There are a number of ways to find the right lawyer to advise you in Spain. One good place to start may be your country’s embassy. Many, such as the U.S. and UK embassies provide lists of English-speaking lawyers. The UK embassy for example provides a list for each region of Spain along with the names, contact information, and legal practice areas of each attorney. Many other countries have similar lists of attorneys that speak the country’s language.
Local bar associations also have search engines that can help you find an attorney in a particular field of legal practice. For example, the Bar Association of Barcelona (Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Barcelona) offers such a search on its website. You can find this search engine under the website’s “Citizen Services” section under “Buscador de profesionales.” This function will provide you with a list of attorneys that practice in the area of law you need and in the language you prefer.
Lastly there are other organizations that compile lists of lawyers. These include the European e-Justice portal, Consejo General de Abogacía Española, and Best Lawyers. While these resources can be helpful for specific services, they may be less user friendly than others.

Author: Helen Pino-Vera

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