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Divorce in Spain

International Legal Advice on Divorce

If you’re experiencing a marital crisis, you need legal advice on hand with expertise of the relevant country jurisdiction needed to offer and deliver a suitable solution.

When it comes to dealing with situations which can require expertise in international legal systems, such as divorce, it’s easy to turn to Google or consult local lawyers with insufficient knowledge of international laws.

Klev&Vera International Law Firm can provide a real solution when faced with the difficulty matter of marital separation and divorce in Spain. With specialist expertise of international jurisdiction and many years experience working on international divorce cases under our belts, we are well placed to offer bespoke solutions for our clients through our English-spoken service.

We’re on hand to help

A divorce in Spain is a trying and difficult time for anyone, but Klev&Vera International Law Firm has international lawyers in Spain on hand to help reach an appropriate solution in as pain and stress-free way as possible.

Klev&Vera can:

• Help you understand your rights as a spouse in Spain or under Spanish jurisdiction.

• Prevent potential conflicts as a result of separation.

• Provide aid in solving an immediate family crisis.

No matter your personal situation, we’re here to help you reach a solution. With years of experience working in international law, we are International Lawyers in Spain with the empathy, passion and skill to think outside the box to create a bespoke solution to your unique case.

Why choose Klev&Vera

Unlike other legal firms who specialise in international family law in Spain, we have a wealth of experience working on a global scale. Dealing exclusively with international cases, we have a strong understanding of many international laws, including UK, USA and Canada. Providing our service in plain English, we are a team of easy to reach professional firm owners and partners who are dedicated to working quickly and efficiently to help you through your case.

Each and every divorce situation is different, and we pride ourselves on our ability to work in an empathetic and supportive way to find custom-made resolutions which is tailored to your unique needs. When you choose to work with us, you’re opting for complete transparency throughout your case, immediate answers to your queries and a competitive price for the service of a firm with a reputation in the in Barcelona Bar Association and a shortlisted Family Law provider in the Best Lawyers list.

Helen Vera - Best Lawyers 2020

Would you like to find out more about how Klev&Vera International Law Firm can help you through your divorce in Spain? Get in touch with a member of our team now for more information.

Satisfied clients

I could not give a higher recommendation for Helen Vera and her firm for being in your corner especially concerning an international divorce. As a stupid American who married a Spaniard in southern Spain, found out the hard way how difficult the process of an international divorce can be. My now ex-wife took our son and refused to leave Spain many years ago. For her, she wanted our child for herself and an easy paycheck for life, not a husband or a father for our child. She viewed the father (myself) as a threat, someone who could steel away “her” child’s love and affection, or worse by physically taking him away from her. The word Crazy only starts to describe our relationship together, what little time was physically spent together. 12 frustrating and lonely years later I finally attempted to get a divorce. Over time I hired several high dollar American lawyers who all came up empty handed. Nobody knew what to do when it came to an international divorce since she and our son were staying in another country. Finally I found Helen who quickly became my voice of reason and a solid foundation through some very difficult times. To make matters worse I now found myself going through this process in a foreign court system that does not speak my native tongue. Although I’m able to communicate in Spanish, Helens ability to speak perfect English and Spanish was key to my case, and my confidence. She fought hard on my side to help find a way to restore my relationship with my son, counter stories and accusations fabricated by a psychotic wife, and protect my assets from going to someone looking for a ticket to easy street. Helen was amazing at not only taking care of myself but also at looking out for the better interest of our child. She is highly professional, level headed when tensions rise, and extremely aggressive in your defense. Her negotiation skills are very impressive and she stays highly dedicated to your case from start to finish. My case was long, drawn out, and extremely difficult and I couldn’t have found a better attorney to represent me. I can’t thank Helen or her firm enough for everything they did for me.

Mark S.

Helen is an amazing lawyer! I had a very good experience though I was going through a hard time. I would totally recommend her!

Dana Tantu

Having used a number of suggested Anglophonic firms over the years for family law issues including inheritance, custody, tax; I can only say that for efficiency, knowledge, pricing and results there is no better firm than Klev&Vera in Barcelona. Their counselling, presentation and work ethic far exceeds what one usually finds in Barcelona and is akin to good New York or London based firms. I could not be more pleased with their service.

Carlos Fisher

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